Hi, glad to meet you!

I'm a singer/songwriter, and most recently I'm pitching my catalog for music licensing. 

ABOUT MY PERSONALITY: Can we work together? Well, I guess you can tell a person best by what they like/love, so here goes:

- I like all kinds of weather (rain, sun, snow, slush, wind, clouds--everything) and the four seasons

- I like food

- I like people

- I like to work & be productive, cause when it's right it doesn't feel like work

- I like to take walks as a primary exercise

- I like my country

- I like to talk to my kids about everything, but respect when they don't want to talk

- I like my friends a lot -- they're a goofy bunch like me, and we all care a lot about each other :)

- I like Jesus, his Mother Mary, and lots of Saints

- I like to experiment in the kitchen & come up with weird new recipes. 

- I like baseball. A perfect game.

- I like perfume, and I'm always game for a new great scent 

- I like animals and babies and anything cute. When I'm depressed I watch those silly puppy or kitten videos and it puts me in a good mood.

- I like to help people when they need help and prefer to talk to people one-on-one as opposed to groups of people. On stage, I speak as if I'm talking to you directly, because I am :)







Risk It All - Lori Malvey & Richard Stephen Piszker