Lori Malvey


Original Singles

Maybe (live with drummer Steve DeGeorge)

Lori Malvey - vocals & keyboards; Steve DeGeorge - Drums. Recorded by Don Sternecker at Mix-O-Lydian Studios
Lori Malvey


maybe we can only try our best maybe we can take a litle rest maybe there's a love inside we haven't thought about maybe there's a love above the screaming and the shouts...maybe... maybe we're all in the same big boat maybe we'd all like to see it float maybe i'm supposed to be here, maybe so are you maybe we can toast the day and all that's sweet and true...mabye... maybe... maybe i'll all make sense one day maybe there's a theme to the night's play maybe there's a future big & bold i cannot see mabye there's still hope for dreamers in the night like you and me maybe...