Lori Malvey



YouTube of "Risk It All"

Here is a YouTube video for "Risk It All" from the CD. Enjoy!


Here is a link for the Edward Michaels Trio, a group I sang some of Ed's original jazz songs (which are great, by the way!).

YouTube Video of "You Saved Me"

Here is a YouTube video for one of our new songs, called "You Saved Me" that was co-written & performed by Richard Stephens & Lori Malvey. ENJOY!


Dr. Fuhrman - Nutritionist


Covenant House Teen Runaway Shelter

If you are considering running away from home, please get a bed at a shelter and avoid the streets (call 1-800-999-9999 for Covenant House--any major city). They will help you avoid getting further used & abused. Really good people here.


Creighton Natural Family Planning


Pregnancy Helps