Lori Malvey



A Mother's Song - iTunes Single

Here's a single I recorded as a fundraiser for St. Joseph School. All download proceeds will go to help the school, so thank you if you buy it. It's on iTunes, and here's the link: A Mother's Song - Lori Malvey

Risk It All - CD

Risk It All - Lori Malvey & Richard Stephen Piszker

Download all "Risk It All" songs here:

1. Risk It All

2. Once Again

3. My Heart Is Always Breaking

4. Rough Edges

5. There's A New World Comin'

6. Like the Rain

7. Be Next to Me (Everlasting Life)

8. Survival

9. Come Free Your Heart

10. A Mother's Song

Come Live In Our Home - Single, iTunes and Amazon

NEWS FLASH: Just released a new single that will benefit a friend who just adopted a baby girl. Basically, the opportunity came up, they had no money to get to the host country, but decided to max out their credit cards to get there. This song is my gift to them "Come Live In Our Home (the Adoption Song)". ALL DOWNLOAD SALES $ GOES TO THIS FAMILY - 100%. Here's the iTunes song download link: Come Live in Our Home (The Adoption Song) - Single - Lori Malvey